Video Channels: Mobile App Development Feature for iPhone, iPad, Android

Author: AppBurst

Published: 10/23/2013 3:55:46 PM

AppBurst, a mobile application development company, supports the ability to organize and display video channels and playlists on the apps that we develop for iPhone, iPad, and Android. Our video gallery feature has been used in many different types of mobile apps that we have created for clients including apps for events, corporate apps, sales and marketing, sports teams, and video game guides. The AppBurst platform has the ability to very simply pull in video content from sources such as YouTube channels. Videos can also be organized into sections and categories based on playlists created in YouTube. Marketers love the ability for users to subscribe to YouTube channels and share videos right in their app. For more information on the video channel feature, please visit this page. For more information on how this feature is used in mobile apps that we develop for the event and conference industry, please visit this page. To be notified when AppBurst uploads new videos to our channel, please subscribe.